Escape To Carmarthenshire

For many, living in Carmarthenshire is a dream, and why wouldn’t it be?

For those not from Carmarthenshire it is a shockingly beautiful place.

It is a quite wondrous landscape. It is a miracle of natural creativity. A land seemingly sculpted in a conscious effort to induce awe in any who are lucky enough to witness it.

Carmarthenshire is the third largest principal area in Wales (we occupy 2,395 km squared, compared to Gwynedd’s 2,548 and Powys’s 5,196) and thanks to that area we take in all of the World’s natural gifts.

We have some of the finest beaches in the UK. Some of the most beautiful mountains. Forests that will make you think you are in Fangorn itself, or Mirkwood maybe. Probably more Mirkwood.

It’s a special place.