Outdoors Activities Abound in Carmarthenshire!

Spring is here and there’s never been a better time to come and visit Carmarthenshire!

Now that the frosts of winter are well behind us, we can look forward to the days lengthening and our skies getting a little brighter. No longer will it be a challenge to drag the kids out of the front door and Carmarthenshire is a perfect place to drag them to!

National Botanic Garden of Wales

Although your car load of kids might need a little coaxing initially, they’ll son fall in love with the awesome landscapes collected in this huge attraction. The highlight of the Garden (which is really more of a landscaped park) is the giant glass house. The largest of its kind in the world, it doubles as both as a tourist attraction and a research centre.

Norwood Gardens

The garden might not be as huge and expansive as the ones that you might find elsewhere, but this is more of a tearoom than anything else. Take a sit down (and a break from the car), grab a cup of tea, a slice of cake and let yourself sink into the peaceful surroundings.

Hawk Adventures

Just when the kids are getting antsy, book a trip with Hawk Adventures and wear them out thoroughly in the rugged countryside. Trained instructors are on hand to take you and your family out on any number of activities. Coasteering, Archery, Night Walks – there’s something for everyone!

Dinefwr Park & Castle

No weekend trip out is complete without a visit to a National Trust location. Dinefwr encompasses a massive Nature Reserve, historic house and 18th-century landscape park. There’s also the Castle, which offers grand views of the surrounding area and gives the kids a great chance to explore on their own.

Brechfa Forest

There are dozens of great picnic spots to pick from the greater area of Carmarthenshire, but none come close to the secluded Brechfa Forest. A Royal Forest, first established in 1283, the land has been reserved for the preservation of deer since then. At its peak the forest was home to red deer, wild boars, wolves, foxes and more.

Now that the weather’s warming up for everyone, take a day out to Carmarthenshire and lose yourself in the beauty of the land.