Visit Carmarthenshire, Visit North Wales!


This morning I want to give you a brief preview of something desperately exciting- this Summer’s inaugural Carmarthenshire to North Wales Bike Race!

abd1019This is very, very exciting!

We here at Visit Carmarthenshire have long been good friends in close contact with the folks over at Visit North Wales.

We share tips and ideas on promoting your region and how the regions can help each other. It is not as simple as saying that regions are competing. Competing for tourism, competing for funds, competing for prominence. We know that the regions rely on each other and have many, many shared interests.

This cycle will bring Carmarthenshire and North Wales together like never before. It will do it to promote peace, prosperity and partnership.


I myself will be cycling to North Wales on the trip, and we hope this will become a regular event and next year we hope to cycle the same route but the other way round! So next year we’ll be heading from North Wales to Carmarthenshire. It’s a beautiful chance for us to create a new connection, with one of our fellow Welsh regions.


It’s a beautiful country, Wales. Together the regions contain more beauty than the rest of the UK combined (with ease actually).

We are very proud that this idea has come together, and really look forward to it taking off!

More announcements will follow soon, get training!